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Child Safe Transportation

Travel safe with your child whenever using Eastern Luxury Car & Limo Service. Eastern provides you with child safe transportation service for a minimal extra fee. Select an infant, toddler or booster seat for your child and be assured that you will have a vehicle with the proper seat selected at your doorsteps.

New York state law now requires any infant or child to be properly restrained to a child safe seat. Most infant car seats are designed for babies up to 22lbs. These seats can be installed facing forward or to the rear. These seats are specifically made for infants and many can be detached from the base for easy installation.

Toddler seats are made for older children 20-80lbs(depending on their height). Toddler seats are semi-permanent and have no detachable base and are equipped with its own restraints. Many of these toddler seats come with cup holders and have detachable backs allowing them to be used as booster seats for older children.

Booster seats are ideal for any child who is up to 8 yrs old or is less than 4' 9". These seats allow seat belts on vehicles to be properly buckled on a child. Some booster seats may also be equipped with cup holders.

If you are a parent and require child safe transportation turn to Eastern Car Service. Book your next trip with a child seat and be assured that your child will travel safe, secured and comfortable in the vehicle.