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Reliable Transportation to and from Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is New York's busiest train station, with over 150,000 commuters every day. Hailing a taxi cab can get quite crazy, especially when you are competing with many others for a car. By requesting a pickup from Eastern Car Service, you certify yourself in having a personal car ready for you when you arrive.

Grand Central Terminal Transportation located in the heart of Manhattan, where many of the trains begin and end their routes. Established 1913 was going to be torn down during the 60s but after much fighting is now considered a landmark of New York City. Grand Central Terminal is one of the busiest stations throughout New York City with commuters going to work and tourist just looking at the beauty and artistic value of Grand Central it's hard to get around and get where one needs to be on time without the aid of some other transportation method like public transportation or a yellow taxi cab. Eastern Car Service will get you to your destination on time and if you have to travel back to Grand Central Terminal, they will get you to your train on time.

Eastern Car Service not only provides transportation to and from Grand Central Terminal in New York City, they also provide a variety of other services as well. Child Seats, pet friendly, airport pickups and more service are available from Eastern every day. Just call and request your car or log onto our website at www.easterncarservice.com and book your car within minutes. Enjoy one of the best rides in town with a professional and experienced driver at an affordable price.