Eastern Car Service

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Absolutely the best New York Taxi Service available as often needed, whenever and wherever.

Absolutely the best New York taxi service is located in Brooklyn. Eastern Car Service is known for our great safe drivers, our all around customer services and our round-the-clock 24 hour availability. Many New York Taxi Services are known but many fail to satisfy the customer as we do. We offer our customers three different ways to contact us. Eastern Car Service has the telephone operation, which most taxi services have in New York. We have the walk-in service where you can request a car at our location in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Last but not least our new website EasternCarService.com. Many taxi services in New York don't have as many options as we do.

Many New York Taxi Service just have the call center, but with technology today we should have more options like Eastern Car Service. Many taxi services in New York do not have the option have been able to contact them via internet. In the website customer are able to set up accounts with us and keep track of how many times they our services. Also when a customer set up an account with us, they start accumulating points for free fares. A customer can also request or reserve a car through the website. For customers who are at the movie theater, they can reserve a car to pick them after the movies while in the movies. Eastern Car Service is dedicated to make the customer happy. With different options such as car seats available for parents traveling with their children. Now what other New York taxi service would have that option.

There isn't a New York Taxi Service that has as many options like Eastern Car Service. Eastern Car Service doesn't just have that option, we also have round-trip available and are pet friendly, which many taxi services in New York don't have. Eastern Car Service is well known in Brooklyn for our great services and that why customers always refer us to their friend and family.

Many of the things that people dislike from many taxi services in New York are that they lack of cars. In Eastern Car Service that is the least of our worries. We have a little over a hundred available throughout the day and night. Eastern Car Service guarantees that if there is a car around your area that they would be there within minutes. Eastern Car Service upmost importance is to make sure that the customer is happy and satisfy with our services. We all know that many taxi services in New York do not have that quality. Many taxi services in New York have rude and nasty drivers with a foul stench. Eastern Car Service has friendly, polite drivers, plus clean cars.

Absolutely the best New York Taxi Service is Eastern Car Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as often needed wherever and whenever.