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Pet Friendly Transportation

Are you looking for a method of transporting your trusty pet to and from the veterinarian? Eastern Car Service provides just the right solution for your need. Most of our vehicles are pet friendly and will allow you to travel with your Dog, cat or any other mascot.

The staff at Eastern Car Service are animal lovers and know the importance of keeping your pet healthy. Most drivers will allow you to travel with your dog and may provide Wee-Wee Pads in case of an accident. Despite being dog friendly, please be aware that a driver does have the right to refuse a client with a dog that the driver may consider to large or feisty. Guide dogs for the blind or disabled will not be refused.

Whenever traveling with a cat, please make sure to provide a pet carrier. The drivers will not mind the meowing but will not like any scratches or tears in their vehicle. Eastern will allow you to travel with any other pet as long as it is well behaved and properly restrained.

Our new Pet Alone Service allows you to send your unaccompanied pet alone with the driver. Our driver will make sure to get your trusty companian safe to it's destination. We will make sure to get proper contacts for the pickup and dropoff.

Look no further for a pet friendly transportation provider. Try Eastern next time you need to travel with your pet!