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What Car Service to choose from Sunset Park?

Sunset Park is one of the most cultural diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn or the rest of New York City for that matter. With over 120,000 people living in Sunset Park, it is one of the largest Brooklyn neighborhoods. With this influx of population comes a high demand for transportation. Public transportation is not always very reliable and hailing a yellow taxi cab in Brooklyn is not a common thing. Fortunately, for the residents of Sunset Park, there are many car services around that cater to this demand.

With many car services in the Sunset Park neighborhood to choose from, it may get very tricky to pick the best one from the bunch. Trial and error is probably the most common practice. Eastern Car Service tries to make your decision making a bit easier by offering many services that other car services in Sunset Park do not. Airport transportation to and from Sunset Park, pet friendly vehicles, child seats and an online vehicle request system.

If you need to head out to the airport to catch a flight, have one of our cars at your doorstep in Sunset Park ready to take you to the airport. We can also arrange airport pickups from any of the local airports in New York City. Have a nice town car ready to pick you up and drive you to your Sunset Park location. Just call us or make the reservation online.

With a large population in such a small neighborhood, it is very obvious that there are many pet owners in Sunset Park. Traveling with your pet can become quite the headache. Fortunately, Eastern Car Service allows you to bring your dog, cat, bird or any other pet along for the ride. You can rely on Eastern to get you and your pet to the vet on time. We are pet friendly!

Child seats for infants and toddlers are an extra service Eastern offers its customers in Sunset Park. We know the importance of a child's safety while riding in our car. We take extra precaution and offer child seats for your infant or toddler. Just call us and request a vehicle with a child seat.

All these services and more are offered to the residents of Sunset Park and the rest of the New York City neighborhoods. With our new online system, requesting these services has gotten much easier. Use our online application and request your vehicle with any of the services that Eastern has to offer. Earn travel points with each trip you take with Eastern Car Service and apply them for free rides and/or discounts. What are you waiting for? Try it for yourself today!